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hear our xmas music

our new original holiday song: "Christmas at the Wawa"

and our homemade xmas record (30+ songs)

Upcoming Shows

January 3, 2014
XPN Welcomes: Lizanne Knott and Friends Philabundance Benefit
Hosted by Helen Leicht at the World Cafe Live, with Tin Bird, Jen Creed, and Kevin Killen.
$12 (and a non-perishable food item) tickets

February 15, 2014
2014 Winter Doldrums Music Fest
lots and lots of philly bands
tickets here


Exciting Tin Bird News!

newsongmusic.jpgWe were selected as a regional finalist in the Mountain Stage Newsong Contest. Here's the video we submitted:


This is quite unbelievable, but it's true. Our song Straight Face is being played in Starbucks stores worldwide this month. Check out Starbuck's playlist for September. We're right between Van Morrison and Tom Waits. I'll take a venti caramel macchiato with room for Tin Bird Choir, please!





Sea Change

Cheaper, Less Painful

homesteady-cover-400.jpgOur New Record: Homesteady

Available July 2, 2013
Listen here, buy, and download at bandcamp




 Thank You Thank You Thank You!

We did it! With the incredible help of our loyal and generous fans, We reached are goal and are now on our way to finishing our next record. 

Tin Bird Kickstarter

Thank you!



tin bird news

we are the working poor

We're excited about the Occupy movement because we the people have been left out of the conversation for too long. We need to get loud, to be heard. We, the 99%, don't have monied interests in the ear of our representatives. All we have are numbers. Huge numbers. We are the working poor. And we ar…

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October 4, 2011  |   Share:

Wall Street Protests

we are the working poor! http://youtu.be/_y2Gf6jXcJY

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October 2, 2011  |   Share:

Takes Me Forever

It takes me forever to get anything done I get so distracted by almost anyone You for example are so fascinating They way you hide your trouble in a smile And you laugh away the heartache With amazing grace and style O, let me look at you a while It takes me forever to get anything going …

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August 26, 2011  |   Share:

Take off little spider

Here is a new blog post about a spider.

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August 26, 2011  |   Share:


Also purchase Barn Rock on CD at:

Thought for the Day

Be joyful because it is humanly possible. ― Wendell Berry